Prize Pool at a glance

With well over $150,000 worth this year , a taste of our prize pool is below. Checkout our website for more detail on prizes and more prizes. 

  • $25,000 promotional package on BigPond Music

·         Perform on National TV

·         Receive airplay on the national NOVA radio network

 ·         Perform at the Musicoz Awards in Sydney in front of the who's who of the music industry

·         2 days recording time @ Studios 301 valued @$3,000

·         A full image and styling development package from Black Dove Media valued @ $10,000

·         Music Video

·         Photo Shoot from Tony Mott

·         Mastering @ Turtlerock Mastering

·         Management Mentorship with Francis Coady

·         Touring and performance opportunities with Code One Entertainment

·         CD pressing and distribution with MGM Distribution

·         Record Deal with Musicoz Records

·         Artwork and design package from Saba Design

·         Lots of Studio quality recording microphones from Rode Microphones

·         Heaps of acoustic and electric guitars from Maton

·         Tonnes of  recording/instrument products from Roland/Edirol/Boss

·         Prizes from Turramurra Music

·         Vocal Tuition package @ Vocal Mastery

·         Photo shoot from Access All Areas Photography

·         2 days recording time with engineer @ Level 7 Studios (owned by Daniel Jones Savage Garden)

·         2 days recording with engineer @ Velvet Sound Recording Studios valued @ $2,200

·         Production deal with Faultline Records

·         Production/marketing/distribution package from Foghorn/Damien Gerard Studios/SLCS

·         Full production package from Tonemarket Music valued @ $2,500

·         Production deal including 2 days @ Schollum City Records

·         Recording time with engineer @ Trackdown Studios valued @ $3,000

·         Winners from Alternative, Acoustic, World/Folk ,Instrumental, Blues /Roots will be: featured article in Trad n Now mag, ¼ page ad in Trad n Now, International Distribution through Trad n Now

·         Rotational play for your music video on CMC

·         Rotational play for your music video on Channel [V]

·         $1,000 cash from Eternity Music

·         2 days recording  including engineer  @ BJB Studios

·         CD pressing from MAD cds

·         Publishing deal with Adrenalin Sounds

·         2 days recording Mainstreet Studios, recording/production package from Mainstreet Studios

·         Be produced by Garth Porter

·         Songwiter's Mentorship with Simon Moor (Head of A&R Sony/ATV)

·         2 x Maton MS503 Electric  Guitars w/cases valued @ $1500 each

·         Roland HD1 Electronic Drum Kit w/matt @ monitor system valued @ $2,000

·         Maton Messiah cutaway acoustic guitar  w/case valued @ $4,995

·         Roland MC808 Sampling Groovebox  valued @  $2,295

·         Roland SH 201 Synthesizer  valued @ $1495

·         4 x Maton EM 225C Acoustic guitars w/cases  valued @ $1399 each

·         Edirol R09 Digital recorder valued @ $795

·         Performance showcase support with Porcelain (signed to Universal) in US

·         Roland AC100 Acoustic Guitar Amp valued @ $2495

·         4 x Boss Micro BR Recorders valued @ $495 each

·         advertising packages with street press

·         Boss ME Multi FX Bass pedal valued @ $469

·         Boss ME Multi FX guitar pedal valued @ $469

·         A&R mentorship and project management for 12 months by The A and R Department .com

·         500x Bandtag cards from Bandtag

·         12 month business advice mentorship with Colin Seeger

·         Performance spot on main stage at Peats Ridge Festival

·         All winners receive a spot on Musicoz winners CD released on Musicoz Records and nationally distributed through MGM and online

·         All winners receive a Musicoz statue/trophy

·         All winners and selected top 5 finalists are featured on TV/Online Channels

Al finalists will be offered a digital distribution release option 

The Country Winner will receive:  

-          4 weeks airplay of winning song on Hot Country Radio Network

-          Half hour feature program on winning artist on Hot Country Radio Network

-          Details of winning artist highlighted on Hot Country website

- 4 x days studio time and and A&R Mentorship with Islands Records Australia




Many more prizes to be announced

Prizes can be subject to change without notice