Black Dove Media

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black dove media

blackdove media

is a multi disciplined media and design agency, bringing a one

stop solution to the advertising, fashion and entertainment industry through

creative direction, concept development, photography, styling and graphic


specializing in creative and image development, we strive to bring an

unforgettable and unique approach to each project. our aspiration is to

visually capture and communicate each project to the true vision of both us and

our clients.

with over a decade of industry experience and a creative, dedicated team that has

worked closely with artists such as:

Christina Aguilera, Prince, Pussy Cat Dolls, P.Diddy, David Bisbal, Juanes,

Shannon Noll, Young Divas, Grinspoon, P.O.D


Vogue, Paper, Vibe, InStyle, WallPaper*, OK!.


Telstra, Penfold Wines, Sony BMG, Chanel [V], MTV, GAP, IPAS, ANZ,

American Express, Vrizon, Panasonic, Smirnoff, Horizon FM, AXE, Virgin Money,

Claro Mobile.


Award & Tv shows:

Oscars, Grammys, Emmy, BRIT awards, BET, MTV Europe, NBA

All stars 1/2 time, American Idol


we are confident that we can deliver your vision into reality.

so why

blackdove media?

we are a young vibrant (talented) team that don’t believe in sleeping much and

focusing on creating somehting new and dynamic.

we will spend our days thinking about ways to reinvent and breath a new life

into our projects.

with an extensive database of professinals available to contribute to any

particular project we are part of, we are confident that we can bring an

unparalled final product.

we believe in being innovative and eager to push boundaries whilst also meeting

and maintaining our clients requirements and vision.

we belive that our body of work speak much louder than words.



- a single image is such a strong and powerful tool of

communicating. that’s why we focus most of our creativity on developing an

image and a statement.

concept creating, storyboarding, styling and capturing

the image we make sure that the end product is one that reflects not only our

vision but our clients.


advertising and graphic

- art directing and graphically developing campaigns to

visually communicate to our clients needs. specializing in both

print (editorial,

advertising, CD layout) as well as

web design.



- developing an advertising campaign with a single

concept and seeing it through to various mediums such as TVC, Print and web is

an area that blackdove is vast becoming a contendor in.



- set design, costumes, concept, movement and the wow factor.

that is blackdove live! where we dont make an artist, but we bring one out.


creative direction

| concept development | photography | fashion styling

graphic Design

| branding | art direction | website design


| stage design | costume design | road management