This is what people say about Musicoz!

"It's about time something major happened for Australia's unsigned and independent artists. There is a lot of talent out there that just needs a bit of exposure. Musicians from across the country have benefited from this fantastic project already and it just keeps growing!
Musicoz offers a foundation and a framework that supports and gives young Australian talent the encouragement, support and attention that they so richly deserve and it's a wonderful organisation"
Richard Wilkins (Musicoz Patron)
"Musicoz is a great initiative and gives many opportunities to young up coming artists" Jonathan (Bliss n Eso)

"I want to say thanks for what you're doing at Musicoz. I'm telling you,
every little bit helps in our Aussie industry, and I'm sure being a finalist
for the Musicoz Awards was one of the reasons for getting looked at by
Austereo/Radar Radio.
Have a listen to the ad I just received by email that's going on the Today
Network nationwide, featuring my song Glamour Baby. They should be playing

the song within the next couple of weeks or so." H.R. King

"Musicoz is an excellent opportunity for unsigned bands to get out there and show Australia what they've got" Sarah McLeod
"I'm so proud to be involved in an event that enriches the musical talent of this great country of ours and provides some fantastic opportunities for unsigned acts" Lee Kernaghan
"Musicoz is a great thing because it's so hard for new artists to get a foot in the door" Deni Hines
Musicoz does a fantastic job of reaching out and helping to develop brand new talent. It's just a great organisation. " Michael Taylor (Head of Island Records Australia)
"It's great being asked to get involved with Musicoz" Garth Porter
"I predict in time, The Musicoz Awards will be the only awards that the public takes seriously"
Mark Radar Watson
"The Musicoz Awards are a triumph for the Australian Independent music scene" Warwick Marsh (Manager Australian Heart Music)
"Hey Guys I've just got to say I was at the ARIAs the other week and this rocks so much more than the ARIAs, you guys are really cool" Tiffany Wood
"Since we've won a Musicoz Award we've gone onto get signed in Australia and here in Los Angeles and our lives are completely different as a result of that so thankyou so much Musicoz"
Porcelain (Signed to Universal USA)
"Thankyou to everyone at Musicoz who've not only helped us in the last three years but so many other independent artists to get that much closer to their dreams." Jonah's Road
"I'm all for Musicoz because they keep music real." Gian (Signed to ABC/Warner)
"Sender have come along way and this has been due mainly to the fact that they entered the National Musicoz Awards. "Musicoz is a great organization, it really helped us to get to where we are now. I can thoroughly recommend to anyone considering entering the Musicoz Awards, do it you won't look back!,"  Bohdan Dower from Sender.
"Musicoz brings opportunities to songwriters throughout Australia that have been needed for a long time" Milly Petriella (APRA)
"Musicoz  and the Musicoz Awards plays an essential roll in nurturing and supporting young independent Australian artists. Musicoz provides the bridge many young artists need to bring their music to a wider audience and help generate a strong industry profile." Anthony Snape
"It is always great to receive recognition for all the hard work you do. However being recognised by an organisation that assists unsigned artists in Australia is even more encouraging. Winning the Musicoz award for Best Blues Artist in 2006 has been a confidence boost and has reassured us that we are on the right track." Roxi, Extended Family
"When it came time to record their new EP, King Farook called on Musicoz, who are definitely one of the best independent record producers and A&R crews in Australia. Not only did Musicoz produce an outstanding record on a limited budget, but he helped mentor the group through the best possible recording process. "We had a tour already booked so the deadline was looming, Musicoz pulled some of the best recorded work out of the guys I've ever heard and worked long and tirelessly to achieve our goals in our timeline. Even after the CD was pressed Musicoz continued to help the guys by inviting industry to shows and passing out the CD - he is a serious pleasure to have on board." King Farook
"I have been managing Matt Tonks and Syd Green (tonkSGreen) for over 3 years.
Our career went to the next level when we won alternative artist of the year @ the 2006 Musicoz awards. 
From winning this award many doors has opened up with national Tours/Festivals,TV appearances, Major Record company interest, artist of the month on NOVA and a JB SEED management scholarship with John Butler to name a few. 
In this time Musicoz has been a mentor to me, has put me in the right frame of mind when dealing with Record Companies, taught me the insight into the record industry, Musicoz is always there for me whenever I call to talk through situations and helped in many ways dealing with the battles this industry has to offer. Musicoz has opened doors with major labels and opportunities in the music industry. Musicoz recently put me in contact with a guy that runs Jam 4 awareness, In doing that, we have just landed over 40 shows playing to High School students with Jam 4 awareness to help launch our new album in 2009. 
In my honest opinion , Musicoz is up there in The Australian Music Industry for being respected, what they do and helping our unsigned acts, mentoring,  being the godfather to us unsigned acts and helping us achieve our goals and dreams. Musicoz is up there with the most respected this industry has to offer, without the mentoring who knows where we would be.  
I am lucky to recently have in my eyes the godfather of the Independent/unsigned industry with Musicoz guiding us through how to succeed in this industry and how to survive. When you here Musicoz opinions and experiences, you listen and take it all in ".
Jason Banicevic
Denial Artist Management
Manager TonksGreen
"I won the MUSICOZ BEST INSTRUMENTALIST award in 2007. It's been an amazing year. All in part due to that award. 
It's astounding. I have been a full time musician for a long time. Played on some of the highest selling albums in Australia. Toured with the best internationally and locally but never had any formal recognition from the industry. That is until MUSICOZ. 
When I first put up my tracks I figured why not! It can't hurt. I didn't think anything would happen. But it did, and from that I have landed some amazing gigs and publicity, including all the local and national newspapers and street press.
Midway through this year I managed to get the support slot for one of the world's most accomplished guitarists; JOE SATRIANI. The shows were amazing and I ended up expanding my fan base beyond my wildest expectations. The response has just been outstanding. 
I know I wouldn't have even had a look in unless I had the title of MUSICOZ BEST INSTRUMENTALIST 2007. 
My management/record label, KAPLOTS WRECKCHORDS, this year alone has recorded 6 EPs and a couple of albums. The first thing I get my artists to do is enter the MUSICOZ awards. Not just for the awards, but the exposure. I find that by just having tracks on the MUSICOZ site triples website activity. As a result one of the acts signed to KAPLOTS, GEMMA WOOD, reached the top 5 in the Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter section this year. We have been offered a multitude of gigs and appearances including supports for Damien Leith, Axle Whitehead, Tania Doko and Jack Jones.  At the time of writing this, Gemma has been offered a spot in the PEATS RIDGE FESTIVAL. This would never have happened unless we had entered her into the MUSICOZ AWARDS.
So, if you're a guitarist, a tuba player, singer/songwriter, band, duo or whatever, it is one of the best . no.THE best thing you can do as an independent artist to further your career and expand not only your network of fans but every area of the industry. I don't expect to win the BEST INSTRUMENTALIST award again for a while (though that won't stop me trying) but rest assured I'll still be entering my music every year.
Thank you MUSICOZ, you have my sincerest gratitude. And you couldn't meet a nicer bunch of blokes!"
Pete Northcote