Musicoz Categories

(each of the below categories is also a national Musicoz award)

  1. Pop
  2. Rock
  3. Metal/Hardcore
  4. Alternative: This category is for more indie sounds and any contemporary material that doesn't fit into the other categories.
  5. Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter: This category is for bands and solo artists that have a more of an acoustic feel to their tracks, you won't find any distortion here. It's also for singer/songwriters.
  6. Urban: This category is for contemporary RnB, Hip Hop, Rap, Beatbox etc
  7. Dance/Electronica
  8. Jazz/Classical
  9. Blues/Roots
  10. Country
  11. World/Folk
  12. International: This category is for any unsigned or independent artist hailing from outside Australia
  13. Christian/Spiritual
  14. Schoolies: This category is for bands and solo artist that are still going to school. (At least 1 person must be currently attending school up to and including year 12). Any genre or style of music is allowed.
  15. Live:This category is for live entries only. Either an audio recording of a live performance or a video recording of a live performance. Any genre or style of music is allowed.
  16. Instrumental:This category is for instrumentals only. Including production music, soundscapes, noise artists. Any genre or style of music is allowed.
  17. Video: This category is for independent and unsigned music videos. Any genre or style of music is allowed. Sponsored by MTV

By entering in one of the above categories, not only are you in the running for winning that category award, but you also become eligible for all of the following awards as well:

Artist of the year Award (This is our biggest award and attracts a huge prize pool valued at over $75,000)

Nova Unsigned Initiative Award (Sponsored By the National Nova Network, this award also gets you 4 weeks rotational airplay on the entire national Nova Radio Network)

APRA Songwriter's Award (Sponsored by our freinds at APRA, this award recognises the best indie songwriter each year, with a bunch of prizes including $2,000 cash).

Tony Mott Photography Award (Legendary Photographer Tony Mott lends his name to this award which is chosen from all finalists in all categories. The winner receives among other things, a photo shoot with Tony Mott.

Garth Porter Producer Award (Legendary Record Producer Garth Porter lends his name to this award and also will produce the winning artist/band in his Rancom Studios, chosen from all finalists in all categories)

People's SMS Vote Award (All entrants in all categories are eligible for this popular vote award,(voted by the public) the artist/band with the most sms votes wins)