A&R Reviews

Musicoz A&R Reviews are a result of many years spent observing and interacting with all levels of the music industry. This unique program has been developed after experiencing the many holes that exist within the industry for artists. On one hand you have major labels who don't have the time to tell you why they won't sign you and they also don't have the time to inform you of what areas you need to improve , in order to increase your chances of being signed. This leaves many many artists perplexed after the experience of dealing with major labels, (They showed genuine interest, but didn't end up signing me, now I don't know what to do). Then on the other hand you have artists who have lots of talent and potential, who just need either finetuning or developing in one or more areas, in order to be either more attractive to the majors, or to be a much stronger independent artist in their own right. For these reasons we have developed the Musicoz A&R Reviews.

Our A&R reviews prepare you to be either a more effective independent artist or to be more attractive to the A&R department at the label. Either way , there is no difference about the quality that an artist must posess.

The following process describes how major label A&R generally works

Getting signed to a major label is a black art throughout the world, whereby the industry is full of artists who don't understand what is necessary to get the A&R person interested in you. Then even if you do get their interest, most artists don't know how to deal with them from there on.

An artist who is approached or approaches a major label usually ends up dealing with the A&R department. The people in this department are responsible for scouting new talent as well as working with the artists and helping them to make records. 

Once the A&R person has received your demo or checked out your myspace page or website:

The artist will inevitably end up in 1 of 3 piles of demos.

Pile 3 - Thanks But our Roster is full - this means that they don't hear anything that they can work with in your music.

Pile 2 - Keep in touch, send us your next demo - This means that they hear potential but not enough to get you signed at the moment (but the door is still open for the future)

Pile 1 - Can I see you live/can I hear some more material - This means they are interested and want to check you out.(This pile has the most potential to lead to getting signed) 

What Pile am I in? 

The ability to objectively know and understand which A&R pile you are potentially in is effectively beyond many people. But you need to know this in order to forge ahead with your career either as a signed or an idie artist/band.

Asking those closest to you doesn't always work.

A&R is our specialty!

We will help you identify which A&R pile you are in currently, we'll develop and implement strategies to help you improve the pecking order  of the A&R piles that you reside. We can also help out with dealing and negotiating with the labels once they show interest.

There is an amazing array of talent out there that just needs varying degrees of development before they can embark on a serious music career. This music career can be either as an independent artist or as an artist signed to a major label. The talent, skills, tools and knowledge required doesn't change, just the business model.

Our A&R Reviews include the following:

A thorough critique of the 5 s's

Songs, Singer, Sound, Stage presence, surrounding yourself with the right people

then we include: image suitability and marketability.

We'll help you identify any areas that are potentially holding you back, then discuss ways in which these areas can be improved upon.

This process will help you be either more attractive to a label, or a more attractive independent artist or band.

If you're interested in out A&R Review service, contact tim@musicoz.org