Musicoz Mentoring Program

Mentoring bands, artists and managers, helping artists get the edge they need to stand out from the crowd and helping the artist to develop and implement innovative business/marketing strategies.

This unique service is a selective one and involves:

  • Getting to know the artists music intimately.
  • Witnessing the artist perform live
  • Meeting and getting to know the artist
  • Understanding where the artist is and where they intend to take their career in the future
  • Identifying the artists' weak points and developing plans and strategies to overcome these challenges
  • Developing an overall career strategy to further the artists' ambitions
  • Telling the artist what they need to hear and not what they want to hear regarding all aspects of their music careeer for example: Actually how good are the artists' songs, and if they need improvement, how will we achieve this? How good is the artist live? plus many, many others
  • Developing strategies to find, and market and distribute their music to the appropriate audience.
  • Much much more

"I have been managing Matt Tonks and Syd Green (tonkSGreen) for over 3 years.

Our career went to the next level when we won alternative artist of the year @ the 2006 Musicoz awards. 

From winning this award many doors has opened up with national Tours/Festivals,TV appearances, Major Record company interest, artist of the month on NOVA and a JB SEED management scholarship with John Butler to name a few. 



If you are interested in the Musicoz Mentoring Program, send an email to to be referred appropriately.

 Matt Tonks King Farook