Musicoz Productions

 With an enormous amount of experience (and success) in the record production, A&R, Artist Development and mentoring areas, Musicoz is at the forefront of developing sustainable careers for artists.

1.Record Production:

Far too many artists and bands end up working with engineers in local studios and not realising till after the fact that with a switched on producer, they could have walked away with a much more appealing record

Record production is all about the producer making the right connections to the artist and their music. Then helping the artist to produce their best, whilst capturing the artists essence and retaining the artists musical and spiritual integrity. It also is about capturing magical performances from artists who never even knew they could perform at such high levels. Recording truly wonderful sounds that compliment and enhance the song and the artist. 

Producing a record includes the following processes:

  • Initial consultation with the artist
  • A&R advice
  • Workshopping on songs with the artist optimising arrangements, structuring songs, choosing the right instrumentation, feel, key, tempo and many other things.
  • Pre - Production/Rehearsal
  • Tracking/Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • CD Pressing (artwork can be arranged as well)
  • Much more

Musicoz can produce your next record with you, whether a demo, EP or Album , We are very experienced and also specialise in getting world class results on modest budgets. We can organise the entire project or just part of it. From organising, studios to  record, mix and master in,  to pre-production. We'll help you optimise your songs and arrangements, get the best performances possible in the best recording environments. We'll also make sure that your wall of sound is world class and suits your songs perfectly. Then we'll mix your songs to perfection.

 We know all the best mastering engineers both in Australia and overseas and will supervise this process to ensure your record is mastered brilliantly. Don't flounder around in mediocrity any longer. If you were left wondering if your last record could've been any better, that probably means that it could've. We'll work with you to make your next record your absolute best. A record that will not only give you the best possible chance for success, but also be one that you will be emensely proud of for the rest of your life. 

"When it came time to record their new EP, King Farook called on Musicoz, seeking one of the best independent record producers and A&R guys in Australia . Not only did they produce an outstanding record on a limited budget, but he helped mentor the group through the best possible recording process. "We had a tour already booked so the deadline was looming, some of the best recorded work was pulled out of the guys I've ever heard and worked long and tirelessly to achieve our goals in our timeline. Even after the CD was pressed Musicoz continued to help the guys by inviting industry to shows and passing out the CD - Musicoz is a serious pleasure to have on board." King Farook

King Farook EP


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2.Recording Project Management.

This includes the following:

  • Consultation Process with Artist
  • A&R advice
  • Executive Producing the Record
  • Advising/Booking Producers, Engineers, Studios
  • Managing the Pre-Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, CD Pressing , artwork, etc.
  • Managing CD launch
  • Organising Publicity, Radio plugging
  • Much more

Managing the record production process can be a daunting task and many artists get to the end of a project before they realise that there were many better ways and options to complete the project.

Musicoz will take all the uncertainty and worry out of the project, and will guarantee you the artist, the best possible and will also help keep the budget down to a manageable result. Musicoz can help you make the best record of your career while saving money in the process through our reputation and discounts that the industry passes onto us.


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