Song Feedback Service

For many songwriters, knowing where to improve in there song writing is a very difficult thing to achieve. Often the songwriters themselves are too close to their creations to effectively work out a) if there are any changes or improvements needed, b) once the areas of the song that need changing are identified, then clear defined improvements that not only improve the song's story telling ability, it's structure, it's overall vibe, but also keep in sync with the original vision and direction of the song. 

For many songwriters, their band members, family members, and close friends are the main people giving them feedback on their songs. These people mean well but mostly want you to feel good about yourself. So even if they were qualified to give you professional feedback about your music, they would probably tell you "it sounds great" no matter what.  

This also goes for most industry people as well unfortunately. Qualified Industry people telling you exactly and truthfully what they think of your songs is rare. 

I know many people who are being held back from developing a sustainable career for themselves by the fact that they are either aware of the lack of strength in their song writing and are in denial about it, justifying it by choosing to listen to the wrong people about it. Or they are unaware about the need to improve their songs because no qualified person has been totally honest with them. 

It's all about identifying your strengths with your song writing and then encouraging you to develop them further. Then identifying your weaknesses and suggesting creative improvements to improve the songs overall likeability and improve the listening experience for the music consumer. 

Over the past 8 years we have road tested the best song feedback service in the country. And now you can enjoy the fruits of our labour by receiving quality feedback on your songs. 

When you enter your songs into the National Musicoz Awards, a common set of judging criteria are used by all our industry judges to critique your music:

1.      How much originality is in your song?

2.      How strong is the melody of your song?

3.      How strong are the lyrics/messages in your song?

4.      Does your song have a structure/arrangement that is easy to listen to or does it make sense?

5.      How strong is the performance of your song (including instrumentation and vocals)?

6.      What is the overall appeal of the song? 

Our song feedback service breaks these judging criteria down even further to include much more detail as well as providing creative suggestions to help you improve your songs. 

The criteria used for song feedback are:


1. Melody

A) Interesting

b) Catchy

C) Original/Innovative

D) Flow


2. Performance

A) Vocal quality

b) Voice control

c) Diction

D) Harmony

e) Pitch/tuning

F) Use of Chords

G) Musicianship

H) Musical feel


3. Structure/Arrangement

A) Introduction

B) Verse

c) Chorus

D) Middle 8/Bridge

E) Solo/Lead Break

f) Ending

G) Use of Hooks

h) Song Dynamics

I) Well Defined

J) Choice of Instrumentation


4. Lyrics

A) Title

B) Idea/Subject

c) Originality

d) Phrasing

E) Emotion/Passion/Feeling

F) Imagery


5. Overall Impression

A) Appeal

B) Overall duration

c) Engages listener

D) Original/Ground-Breaking

E) Attention Grabbing


All of the above are carefully analysed and then given a rating across a five stage range:


1. Awesome (It can't be any better)

2. Very Good (It's very appealing but could use a little finetuning)

3. Above Average (It is showing potential but requires much more work)

4. Average (It's just not standing out from the crowd at all)

5. Developing (It's really at an entry level stage and fundamentals must be grasped before moving on)


6. Judges Comments/Suggestions/Feedback 

In this section the judge will provide personal notes which will tell you the areas of the song that he/she likes as well as the parts of the song that are not so appealing to them. They will also make creative suggestions for improving the appeal of the song. This service is invaluable to all developing song writers.

Currently available as an optional extra when entering the National Musicoz Awards 

This service will soon be available in a 2 week turnaround back to song writers. 

email  for further info.